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Managing Your Hybrid Working Space Effectively

Managing Your Hybrid Working Space Effectively

Hybrid working has quickly become the norm for many businesses in the aftermath of a pandemic. For companies and organisations that have wanted to maintain the flexibility given to employees during the pandemic, it’s been important to not only think about how remote working can work successfully, but how office spaces can be redesigned and repurposed to allow employees to work on-site when they choose to.

While this can present some challenges for building managers and business owners, there are ways you can make your building more suitable for hybrid working. Below are some ideas of how you can manage your hybrid working space more effectively to accommodate this new and exciting way of working.

Consider reducing your office space

The office landscape has changed, and with your occupancy rate likely to be lower following the pandemic, you might want to think about reducing your office space. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean moving – there could be space available that you can rent out to others to help you cover your costs. However, you might decide that a different office space is better suited to your needs and consider options to invest in a commercial property.

Having fewer people in the office also means you could cut back on some of the equipment needed in the office, which can help save your business money while also helping you reduce your energy use too. 

Keep records of who’s in and when

Managing a hybrid working environment is going to be an ongoing process that needs to be monitored regularly. Understanding how many people are using the office and when can give you some data ready for further improvements and changes that will make sure your office keeps being used effectively. If, for example, you have teams coming in regularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but not Fridays, you could consider closing your building to all on a Friday to help save money.

As well as doing a headcount, it’s worth checking in with your employees to see how they’re navigating hybrid working. Working through challenges and making improvements will help you do hybrid working right.

Change the way your space is managed

Hybrid working can pose challenges for how your office space is managed. With fewer people on-site at different times, you may find that it becomes an unnecessary expense to run your usual services such as catering. You may want to make adjustments to different areas so that they make more sense for your business.

Security can also be a concern for businesses, especially if there isn’t always someone to open up or close. A SMARTair Openow system can be perfect for keyless entry that can allow staff to enter at different times. This can also be a useful system for securing entry to different parts of the building and monitoring who’s in the building.


Managing a hybrid working environment can be difficult, but with regular monitoring and feedback, you can develop a system that works for both the business and its employees.

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