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Common Mistakes That Come With A Home Renovation

Common Mistakes That Come With A Home Renovation

Completing a renovation can often be stressful and full of unwanted surprises. It’s an investment that you are making to your house that at times can include managing a workforce, unexpected costs, and an awful mess. 

That being said, it is possible to navigate a renovation smoothly, and it leads to a rather rewarding investment to your home. Before you start a renovation, you need to consider this list of common renovation mistakes you should avoid and how you can work your way around them: 


You’ve probably seen more than your fair share of home improvement shows the show you that it’s possible to build a whole house in just a week or complete a makeover in a few hours. However, this is television, and it’s not real life. For your own project, you need to make sure you allow the right amount of time to plan, complete each step thoroughly, and plan for the unexpected. 

Looking At The Team As A Whole 

Chances are you are going to need to build a team of people to complete the work you are undertaking. This may include a designer, an architect, contractors, decorators, and a  Sydney Emergency Plumbing service for ant problems that occur. It’s best if you can get this team of people together sooner rather than later, introduce to each other and make sure you share the whole plan with them all. This way they won’t get their wires crossed and cause any costly mistakes. 

Ignoring Your Gut

On that note, you should really make sure you do your homework before you commit to multiple contractors. Have a look at all the pros and cons before you assemble your team. Some may even be able to point you in the right direction of services they’ve worked within the past and already have a good working history with. Make sure you speak as much as possible with any potential contractors before you settle on your team.

Forgetting To Set A Budget

It is vital for you to set yourself a budget and stick to it as much as possible. A project like a renovation is always likely to cost your more and take longer than you expect so try to accommodate or this. It’s a good idea to give yourself a little bit of a cushion to fall back on with both time and budget. Adding around twenty percent to your original figure is a good place to start. If you don’t spend all of your cushion you then have a little extra for decorating or new furnishings. 

Not Following The Plan 

You don’t create a budget and a plan for a project like this to completely ignore it. Remember you have set this schedule for a reason, not just for fun. Any plan that you create will include precise details and timings. Following the plan is going to lead to a much more successful project result that just winging it. Of course, at times you may need to adjunct the plan slightly, especially if a contractor has been delayed or delivery hasn’t arrived in time. 

Following these tips should help you to avoid the most common mistakes that come with a renovation. Are you planning a renovation soon, what are you going to do to make sure you don’t make unneeded mistakes? 

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