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Enhancing Your Home’s Kerb Appeal: A Sure Way To Increase Your Property’s Market Value

Enhancing Your Home’s Kerb Appeal: A Sure Way To Increase Your Property’s Market Value

Selling your family home is a big step for anybody, and it should not come without enough planning. Of course, you will want to make the most out of your property, and ensuring it looks at its best when it enters the market is the best way to see a higher return on investment. 

Indeed, according to the HomeOwners Alliance, kerb appeal can increase the value that potential buyers are willing to spend on that property by up to 25%. And, 68% of buyers deem kerb appeal a vital factor to consider when putting down an offer for a house. While renovating your home is undoubtedly an expensive affair, it might be worth considering the simple additions you can budget in to make the most out of your property

Paint the Exteriors

Painting your home’s exteriors can be an easy, affordable way to increase its kerb appeal. Doing it all by yourself can represent a significant, time-consuming project, but it is one of the most efficient strategies to sell your home for a little more than its current value. So, whether you prefer to speak to a certified professional or doing it by yourself, you should consider the benefits that touching up the paint can offer you.

When repainting the exteriors of your home, don’t forget to touch up the sidings and trims as well.

When choosing the right painting or colour for your home’s exteriors, it is crucial to pick one that can make your home more attractive. Opting for neutral, classy tones can be the best way to avoid decreasing the value of your property because of the colour you have picked!

Freshen Up the Home’s Entrance

Especially if you don’t have a front garden or patio, your home’s front door is the first thing that visitors – and potential buyers – will see. Freshening up your front door might seem like an easy and straightforward project, but it can significantly impact on the first impression your property is able to leave. 

When picking the colour for your front door, you can have the choice to give it a lush look. Choosing a deep red, sleek black, or smart navy blue can remarkably improve the look of your home’s entrance.

Design a Modern Garden

If you do have a front garden, that’s what will be visible immediately to guests and buyers. Make sure you design a landscape that is easy to look after and streamlines, but not messy. If you are increasing your home’s kerb appeal on a budget and you can’t afford to redesign your garden, opting to clean it and get rid of shrubs and old branches is the best way to give it a fresh look.

Improve Your Old Hardware’s Look

Your mailbox, fences and other hardware compose the frame of your property. Don’t underestimate the importance it can have in the eye of potential buyers. While it does not represent a critical downside, old or broken hardware can make your home poorly looked after. On the other hand, fixing it can be easy, with just a layer of spray paint or buying a new, inexpensive model. 

Invest in New Fixtures

Fixtures represent a crucial aspect to consider when enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Of course, they can give off hints regarding how well the property has been looked after in the previous years. However, new fixtures are also telltale signs that the home’s structure is sound and modern. 

Indeed, high-quality window and conservatory’s fixtures might play an essential role in increasing the home’s level of insulation. This, in turn, can make the property more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. When planning such important structural fixes, it is recommendable to get in touch with a local expert, such as

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting can change the home’s overall feel. It can help you make the property look much safer, looked after, and surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. Opting for solar-powered lights for your garden, driveway, or entrance is also a smart way to enhance your property’s kerb appeal, without having to see your energy bills increase. 

In terms of where to place these lights, make sure your driveway is illuminated, as well as your front door. However, if you have recently redesigned your garden, don’t hesitate to add ground lights by trees or decorations. This can enhance the beauty of your patio or outdoor area, even at nighttime.

Keep Your Property Clean and Maintained

Selling your property can be a straightforward process, but it does involve several tasks and efforts. However, ensuring that your property is at its best just before selling does not have to be complicated. Indeed, if you look after it and maintain it properly throughout the time during which you live in it, you won’t have to do much extra upon selling it!

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