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Five Ways To Update Your Bathroom

Five Ways To Update Your Bathroom

The bathroom is usually one of the most ignored rooms in the house. As long as the plumbing and facilities are working, we don’t tend to pay much attention to the aesthetics of our bathrooms. We choose matching wallpaper for our living area, plush carpets for our bedroom,  and the coolest coffee machine for our kitchen, but nothing more than a fancy soap dispenser for our bathroom!

But if you want some workable and affordable ideas to spruce up your bathroom, we’ve got you sorted!

  1. A fresh coat of paint

Sometimes, all you need to change the look of any room is a fresh coat of paint. Or, to make a real change, paint it in a new colour. You’ll be surprised how different the same space looks when the magnolia walls are now a pale blue!

If your bathroom is tiny, stick to lighter colours as those tend to make a space look bigger and more open.

  1. Change the bathroom fittings 

A new shower or swanky new taps such as these Bristan ones can immediately update a dull-looking bathroom. Another option is to change your existing basin for a fancier looking countertop basin. Of course, you would need to spend a little more on these kinds of changes, but there is something for every budget in the market. 


  1. Get a feature tiled wall

Tiles instantly lift the look of a bathroom. There are various options to choose from, from marble-finish tiles to wood-lookalike tiles to mosaic designs. However, tiling an entire bathroom is not the most cost-effective option for everyone but there is a midway option. Choose to tile just one part of your wall and make it a feature wall. Or tile only the shower unit, which will then become the main feature of your bathroom. And if you are really tight on budget, just add a strip of mosaic tiles around the walls as a border – it will still add character to your bathroom.


  1. Create a theme

Choose a theme for your bathroom (either a colour or a subject such as ‘sailor’ or ‘beach’) and create an atmosphere around that through your bathroom. Buy all your accessories from your soap dispenser to your toothbrush holder to even your toilet seat in that colour or according to that theme. Put up a matching painting, and voila, you’ve got a whole new look!

  1. Mirrors

Adding a mirror to any space, especially a smaller space, makes a massive difference to any room – not only does it reflect light but also adds character and style. Likewise, a large mirror can instantly add oomph and an illusion of a larger space to your bathroom.

  1. Paintings, wall/ bath decorations and artificial flowers

This is the cheapest option yet can make a considerable difference. A bright painting (if you have a large enough wall space) or a few small bathroom-centric wall or bath decorations such as shells or even some artificial flowers or an artificial plant can add a spark of colour to your bathroom.


Image Credit: Pixabay


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