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Prepping Your Home for Rental to New Tenants

Prepping Your Home for Rental to New Tenants

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Prepping your home for rental to new tenants involves a little more than documents to sign, even though this is part of it. As a responsible landlord, taking care of repairs is a major part of the job. And you can help tenants feel more at home with changes towards energy efficiency.

Assess and Adjust for Rental Income

You can always decide how much to charge your tenants based on the location, desirability and size of your home. But there are also many other factors that come into it. It can be hard to know all of these unless you have a solid understanding of home valuation. Of course, you probably don’t. So, the most efficient way to adjust rental income is to have your home assessed by a professional. These can then give you a recommended price for a fair rental income.

Take Care of Minor and Major Repairs

Any home you rent out will need repairs now and then. Some will be pretty small, and others can be large. Then, there are repairs you must undertake by law. For example, checking the washing machine every now and then is admirable but not necessary. Yet you must provide gas-safe certificates on an annual basis for the gas boiler in the UK. Not taking care of these using qualified experts can land you in legal hot water because of the risk of carbon monoxide.

Decorating and Prepping Your Home for Rental

No tenants want to move into a home that doesn’t look appealing. Of course, the work you put into your property’s decor depends on things like the desirability of the home. But even still, it is recommended that you decorate your rental home at least every five to six years. If you are lucky with good previous tenants, this might only consist of a lick of paint and some minor repair work. Yet a good landlord should assess the property for damage to the flooring, walls and appliances.

Making Energy-Efficient Changes

The whole point of looking after your rental home is to make it more appealing for every tenant who moves in. Yet, you need to stay aware that appeal changes over time. So what was appealing one decade may not be the next. And you might have to make improvements. One of the most appealing improvements you can make today is to make your home more energy efficient. This means insulation, a new boiler and low-energy devices to help them save money.

Create a Booklet for New Tenants

You can go out of your way to make new tenants feel welcome in yours and, ultimately, their new home. New surroundings can be unsettling for some people, and even something like working the washing machine can be daunting. Putting together a small welcome booklet will really go a long way to make tenants feel better as they settle in. Local information, safety advice and contact numbers (including your own) for emergencies are all useful to new people moving in.


Having your property assessed for rental adjustment helps when prepping your home for new tenants. It also helps to decorate the house and create a welcome booklet for new tenants.


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