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3 Fantastic Uses For Reclaimed Wood

3 Fantastic Uses For Reclaimed Wood

As more and more people are thinking about sustainability and how that relates to the homes they curate, it’s a good idea to think about using materials that are reclaimed and recovered. This could be considered a form of recycling or even upcycling, but regardless of the definition, following this pursuit can truly grant you an incredible piece you can boast of for some time to come.

Reclaimed wood can come from many locations. From a large door used by a church for a few hundred years, to wood from a deconstructed ship, no matter where you get it, if it’s great quality wood in good condition, you may be able to do something more with it than just leave it on the rubbish pile.

In this post, we’ll discuss three excellent implementations for reclaimed wood on your property. Speaking with an appropriate carpenter and bespoke joinery service can make your dreams come to reality in this way, and of course, they’ll be able to advise you as to your realistic options here. With that in mind, consider the following ideas:

Coffee & Dining Tables

Reclaimed wood can be a great conversation starter, so why not use it for the exact place where those conversations are likely to happen? It’s quite something to tell someone that the coffee table they’re using is hundreds of years old or was taken from a local school before it was demolished. With the aforementioned carpenter able to provide this value, you may be surprised just how confident and comfortable you are attending to this kind of thing.


Front & Back Doors

Ensuring the front and back doors of your property are sturdy and secure is essential. It can also be worth considering their aesthetic value second, and the two don’t have to be so disparate. Reclaimed wood, especially thick reclaimed wood, that which may have provided a door to a larger building, could potentially be refitted to fit your own frames, and provide complete security against possible trespassers while also adding incredible aesthetic value and character to your home. This might take some planning and the means to find a larger piece to work from, but this is a challenge that many carpenter’s would happily welcome in the best possible light.


Garden Fixtures

Great garden fixtures can be made from reclaimed wood. In some cases, it might just be that repurposing wooden fixtures you’re getting rid of in the household can provide worthwhile borders for your vegetable garden. Alternatively, you might use the previous logic to create a workbench in your shed or greenhouse, so that planting and potting is much easier to keep on top of. Of course, repurposing other garden fixtures, like knocking down a shed and using its wood to provide trellis guides or to mark the borders of your garden path can also make a a big difference here.

With this advice, you’re certain to use reclaimed wood in the best possible light. Who knows what value you could add with such an approach?

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