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Investment Property Sitting Empty? Here’s Why You Should Rent it Out!

Investment Property Sitting Empty? Here’s Why You Should Rent it Out!

If you have an investment property, you are one of the lucky ones in the cost of living and rental crisis right now. Having a spare property that you are looking at sitting empty and not knowing what to do with is an exciting thing to have. Perhaps you are relocating for a job or a new relationship, or perhaps you’ve managed to get yourself into a very fortunate position of having a second home. Regardless of why you have an investment property, you still need to know what to do with it.


Some people get a second property to be able to have one as a backup.But have you considered renting it out? Choosing to rent property that is sitting empty is actually an amazing decision to make given the homelessness crisis right now.If you have not considered the idea of finding tenants for the house, it may seem like an unusual proposition. However, as a homeowner, you could discover that renting your property is a great solution to the problem of selling it as well as putting money in your pocket. So what we’ve done is put together some reasons as to why you should rent out your investment property rather than leave it sitting empty.

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  • There is a high demand for property right now. As we’ve said, there is a homelessness crisis and a rental crisis, which means there are not enough properties for those looking to rent them. You might find that your house will be snapped up fairly quickly by renters who are really eager to have space that comes with having a house, and they will be looking to look after a property as if it was their own. You’ll find that if your home is in a suburban area, you’re going to attract a family looking for something close to a good school. If your home is in the center of a city or near a university, that demand could be such that you could even just rent them by the room.
  • You’ve got amazing amenities. Do you have a pool? Do you have a home cinema? Do you have good land? These are all questions that some renters might be looking to ask. The convenience of your home to public transportation is another factor, and seeing the value in what you have through somebody else’s eyes is a great way to help yourself to market it. The features that you overlook may be the jewel that the renter is looking for.
  • You are not interested in selling it right now. You might look to rent property because you don’t have any interest in getting it off the market after you’ve bought it. It’s likely that you already understand the depth of the attachment that is possible to gain with the 2nd house. But if your property shows good potential for strong capital growth, you might not be interested in getting it off the market when you could be using it as a potential stream of income.


It’s a big decision to decide to rent out your property, but it’s one that could benefit a lot of people along with yourself. 

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