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Why You Should Invest In Property

Why You Should Invest In Property

If you are lucky enough to have a large sum of money in the savings bank – it is important to know that investing in real estate is considered, in the current economic situation, one of the best investments there is. So why invest in real estate and not in bank or savings plan shares? If your savings aren’t enough to cover it, you should consider Buddy Loans

Investment in savings in the bank account 

If banks used to offer particularly lucrative savings plans with high interest rates, today banks can no longer offer such plans in the same way. In addition, bankers know this and recommend investing money saved in pension funds, stocks and real estate. When it comes to saving in the bank, it can only be done to save money, but the money you save will not bear fruit because the annual return is one percent insignificant.  


Investment in bonds and shares – investment involves risk


Many investors believe that investing in bonds is the most worthwhile investment. However, bonds also have a very low yield, because the yield is currently at a low and stands at less than one percent. Investing in stocks is also not worthwhile due to the risk involved and the investment gamble that can cause your stocks to plummet and thus the loss of money you have saved all your life. Investing in real estate is considered one of the most stable and secure investments there is today. The investment is in a real property that stays with you and can be bequeathed to descendants.


In addition, there are those who buy an apartment and rent it while the rent money allows for a respectable addition to the salary and a nice pension at the time of retirement. If you bought an apartment and its value increased – selling the apartment can yield a nice profit.

Where to invest in real estate

Because the prices of homes all across the world are skyrocketing – there are many people who choose to buy a property abroad. Investing in real estate abroad is possible even without taking a particularly large loan. One of the most sought after destinations is Berlin where apartments are cheap and possible. Rent them at a great price that will serve as a supplement to your salary or retirement. An apartment in Berlin is a profitable property, mainly due to the fact that the German economy is the strongest and safest in Europe, the annual return on investment in real estate in Berlin is 3.5%, and the purchase and rental prices of real estate increase steadily every year. In addition, in cases of financial pressure you can sell the apartment in Berlin, in most acquaintances at a profit, and if you have citizenship even move to it and enjoy a European life full of culture and extremely low living costs.


You should consider looking at all your options and learning what you need to in terms of insurance and you will not look back when you invest in property.

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