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How To Charge More Rent Without Annoying Your Tenants

How To Charge More Rent Without Annoying Your Tenants

You’ve invested in a flat or house and now you’re looking for tenants. The last thing any landlord needs is an empty investment property. It’s a space you’re paying tax on without getting money from. The longer it remains empty, the more money you lose from your investment. Why is your property empty? Let’s be honest, you probably annoyed your tenants by raising the rent.

We get it; landlords need to make money and you want to squeeze as much from your investment as you can. Go too far and you’ll irritate the tenants and encourage them to move. You must strike a fine balance between charging the maximum amount of rent without annoying your tenants. Some landlords think this isn’t possible – but we say it is. Make these changes to your property/rental agreement and tenants will throw themselves at you and be happy to spend a bit extra.

Provide A Furnished Property

Furnish the whole property with everything someone needs to move in and live peacefully. Sofas, beds, tables and chairs are expensive – it’ll cost someone thousands to buy them all and move them in. Not to mention the inconvenience of trying to move furniture into a new place, especially if it’s an apartment. 


Look for sofa shops near me, search for beds online and fully furnish your property. It makes it a more alluring place and you have a reason to charge more than unfurnished properties in the area so tenants won’t be annoyed. 

Keep The White Goods Updated

As a tenant, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your rent go up while receiving nothing in return. You’re forking out over a thousand pounds a month on an apartment with appliances from the early 2000s. It’s ridiculous – and this makes lots of tenants leave and go somewhere else. 

People will spend more money on a home if it has newer white goods as they deem it more worthwhile. With that in mind, keep the white good updated over time. Buy new appliances for the kitchen to keep tenants happy. After a few years, replace them if they start getting old.

Let Tenants Keep Pets

One of the biggest gripes the rental population has is the inability to keep pets at home. Tenants would jump at the chance to have a dog or cat with them. If you let them do this, you can charge more rent to compensate for it. 

Believe us, people will be willing to pay an extra hundred or so each month purely for the benefit of keeping pets. It’s something that changes their life for the better and also makes it more likely they’ll stick around for the long term. 

These three ideas revolve around one primary concept. If you want to charge more rent, make sure your tenants gain something from the rental increase. This could be a furnished apartment, new white goods that are more energy efficient or the ability to welcome a pet into their homes. When a tenant sees they’re getting good value for money, they will pay more rent for your place over a cheaper one without these benefits.

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