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Premium Rentals: How To Create A Property That Makes Young Professionals Pay Extra

0 (0) Getting young professionals to pay extra on rentals can be challenging. Charging above the market rate usually means you don’t get any interest in your properties at all.  However, there are strategies you can use to rig the situation in your favor. Granted, you’re not going to be able to charge double. But […]

3 Things Your Real Estate Business Needs To Succeed

0 (0) Running a successful real estate business requires a lot more than just having properties to buy, sell, or rent. The real estate industry is dynamic, ever-evolving, and increasingly competitive, which is why you need the right combination of resources and strategies to thrive. A good understanding of the key factors that drive the […]

How To Charge More Rent Without Annoying Your Tenants

0 (0) You’ve invested in a flat or house and now you’re looking for tenants. The last thing any landlord needs is an empty investment property. It’s a space you’re paying tax on without getting money from. The longer it remains empty, the more money you lose from your investment. Why is your property empty? […]

How To Design A Home With Modern Appeal

0 (0) When you’re staging a home to sell, you want to find various ways to improve its aesthetics to maximise attention and interest from buyers. The key is to identify the right style and vibe your home puts across to ensure the property gets plenty of views and bids from potential buyers. One way […]

3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics

0 (0) 3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics Coming back to an aesthetically pleasing environment after a long day can uplift your mood and help you feel relaxed. Also, decorating your home to your taste gives you the opportunity to incorporate personal elements that make it stand out. When it comes to investing in […]

5 Key Considerations Before Investing in Your First Property

0 (0) The business of property investment is popular for a reason; it’s a lucrative and a stable way to secure a good income for your future. All of this is possible, as long as you’re willing to make the right choices at the right times. When it comes to an investment property, it’s all […]

Safety Measures To Consider After Purchasing Your First Commercial Building

0 (0) If you’ve just purchased your first commercial property to get your business going, you’re probably feeling pretty good. It’s a big achievement, and it’s a big investment – your FIRST big investment. You’ve made that step, and now you can begin building your empire. Now you’ve bought your land, it’s time to start […]

5 Tips For Buying A House In Barbados

0 (0) There are plenty of reasons to consider buying a house in Barbados. It’s relatively affordable, a great country to live in, and plenty of other benefits. It’s even a great place to work remotely. That doesn’t mean the process is an easy one. Whether it’ll be for somewhere to live, or as a […]

How To Turn An Empty Property Into A Money Maker

0 (0) Do you own an old family home that’s currently sitting around empty? If so, it’s time to turn that property into a real money maker.  Enhancing its value by adding things like extra bedrooms, flame effect electric fires, and new kitchen appliances is a great idea. It’s been abandoned and wasted away for […]

Prepping Your Home for Rental to New Tenants

5 (1) CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels Prepping your home for rental to new tenants involves a little more than documents to sign, even though this is part of it. As a responsible landlord, taking care of repairs is a major part of the job. And you can help tenants feel more at home […]

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