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5 Tips to Make A Rental Property More Appealing

5 Tips to Make A Rental Property More Appealing

Property management can be tricky, fickle, and overall frustrating. What appeals to tenants one year may not appeal to tenants the next, and this can severely affect your property plans for the coming year. You don’t want your flat or house to sit empty, so you must make sure it is as appealing as possible to potential tenants, whether they are students, young families, or professionals moving to a new city.


How do you make a property appealing to such a broad spectrum, though? While everyone has their tastes of what they want in a place to live, there are several points that everyone will look for. With that in mind, here are five tips to make your rental property more appealing. 


Keep It Clean


It sounds like an obvious thing, but keeping the property clean both inside and out will make it immediately more appealing to potential tenants. 


However, it’s not enough to merely go around with a dustpan and brush and a vacuum cleaner. While this is good for general upkeep, a commercial cleaning company will carry out a deep clean of the property, removing stains, smells, and suspicious mould marks on the walls and carpet. 


Furthermore, it’s advised to clear out any waste from the garden, including leaves and branches, but also broken furniture, toys and equipment. 


Cleanliness is something everyone looks for when considering a property, so going the extra mile will give you the boost your property needs. 


Take Fantastic Photos


Whether you list your property through a letting agent or prefer to follow the private landlord route, professional photos are worlds better compared to poorly framed smartphone snaps. 


Make sure to take photographs at the right time of day and with plenty of natural light to make the property look bigger. You can also get creative with angles to ensure you show as much of each room as possible. 


It isn’t just the photos themselves that will help make the property appeal. You should also tidy up the place, remove clutter, and create a space that you think people will want to live in. You can do this yourself with a proper camera, but bringing in a professional to do it will make the photos look much better. 


A Classy Interior


Even if you don’t consider your property to have the glitz and glamour of some of the other available properties, this doesn’t mean you can’t still make the interior look as classy as possible. 


Creating the illusion that your house or flat is somewhere that is far more elegant than it is, primarily if you work with standard student accommodation, will give people the idea that the house is somewhere they need to live. Consider investing in modern furniture or restaurant quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth to give the property a high-class appearance. 


Optics are a vital part of property appeal, and if you can get potential tenants to see it in person, your chances of finding suitable renters will increase. 


Upgrade Utilities


It is essential to modernize a property as often as possible, but while you don’t need to invest in smart home systems, you can still make sure that the utilities are up to date and work


These utilities can range from upgrading single-glazed windows to double glazing to increase energy efficiency, to replacing the boiler with an Economy model. 


The older the property is, the more degraded these utilities will be, and if you want to give your property the best chance of appealing to tenants, you must ensure it seems livable all year-round. 


Inspect It Often


You don’t want to feel like a shadow looming over the current tenants, but the best way to ensure it will appeal to new tenants once the current ones move out is to inspect it as often as possible. 


Doing so will allow you to stay on top of any issues and deal with problems as soon as they arise to maintain a comfortable living standard for the tenants. 


It’s recommended to book an inspection every three months, but you must let the tenants know at least 24 hours beforehand. If you are satisfied with the condition, then you may feel confident dropping by less frequently. However, if you are not satisfied, then you will need to discuss the issues with the tenants. 


Curb Appeal


Making your property more appealing may require additional investment on your part, but it will transform the property into a place that has people fighting to win. You can guarantee that your property will be lived in for the coming year and even beyond, and you might also find a dependable tenant that is happy to stay there for years. 

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