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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient for a Better Chance of Selling

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient for a Better Chance of Selling

It’s more important than ever to make your home more efficient. Energy-saving and carbon reduction are two reasons. Additionally, buyers look for efficient features to save them money.

Get Treatments for Windows and Doors

Most of your home’s heat is lost through the windows and doors. As a result, heat escapes, and cold air comes in. Energy loss means you pay more for your heating. And with costs higher than ever, poor windows and doors won’t help you in a sale. Door and window replacement is an initial cost. But it can add value to your home price and contribute to a successful sale. You can further help your home’s energy efficiency by changing the décor. You can buy plantation shutters and other décor items such as luxury curtains, and heat-retaining flooring options. 

Replace Older Appliances with New Ones

The appliances in your home have the most significant impact on efficiency. Older ones are generally not as energy-efficient as new ones. The problem is that a ten-year-old appliance probably consumes more electricity than it should. Consequently, you and your buyers end up paying a higher electric bill. The cost of replacing a fridge or washing machine is high at first, but it will save you a lot in the long run. It will also help potential buyers decide on your home if they can see you have made an effort to consider their long-term costs and your own.

Creatively Use Space to Make Your Home More Efficient

Energy efficiency is not the only way to go green. There are many ways to be more efficient. Space is one of them. Space is a precious commodity in some places, and it cannot be added to. Your home is limited in space, so you have to work with what you have. You may not realize just how much space you need. For example, you can use the space under your bed to store linens and pillows. And nooks in your house can be filled with shelving. You can easily find innovative and efficient furniture in stores like IKEA to make better use of available space.

Renovate Using Sustainable Materials

You have a lot of options when choosing flooring. You can choose from tiles, carpets, and wood. However, not every popular material is environmentally friendly. The best option is to select composite materials. Materials are recycled into composites, reducing the amount of waste in landfills. However, some materials, like composite wood, also last longer than natural wood, and it’s hard to tell them apart. Additionally, they last longer. Therefore, a buyer can feel confident in your attention to the flooring and get peace of mind for reducing carbon emissions.

Install Smart Home Hubs

The percentage of houses with at least one smart device has risen to almost 40%. Smart devices use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to each other, your smartphone, and hubs like Alexa and Google Nest. Smart hubs can control every aspect of your home with compatible devices, such as your lighting, heating, and even coffee machines. You can also make sure things are switched on or off, saving energy. Smart devices are currently a major selling point for homes, and potential buyers often ask about the connectivity of a house when viewing.


Selling your home gets hard sometimes. However, you can play on the potential of efficiency for a sale by installing smart devices, replacing windows and doors, and creatively using space.


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