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Attracting The Best Tenants As A New Landlord

Attracting The Best Tenants As A New Landlord

You’ve just invested in a property you think would make a great rental – nice! But the quality tenants you were banking on just aren’t applying. And that makes sense; potential tenants are numerous, but they also want to find the best landlords to live under. 


You can’t sell based on value, convenience, or space alone. But before you have a face to face meeting and establish a rapport, you’ve got to make yourself and the house sound good on word alone – sound like a hard job? It can be without a few top tips on your side! 


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Take Good Photos


This is such an underrated tip in the real estate world. When you take good photos that capture the actual dimensions of the property in question, people are going to choose you over the listing sitting below or above yours. 


Make sure the camera is a wide angle, try to avoid basic smartphone pictures, and include a photo of every single room in the house. Even if you only want to show off the best features, take a photo of everything the property has to offer! 


Be Climate Conscious


Investing in a green property scheme is one of the best ways to impress a modern tenant. The more you show your climate conscious nature as a landlord, the more interested parties you’re going to bring in. That means you may need to invest in solar panels from All Seasons Energy, and at the very least, ensure all fitted appliances have an A rated energy efficiency certificate. Not only will this mean cheaper bills, but much longer tenancies with satisfied tenants!


Include Valuable Add-Ons


Add-ons, such as a bathroom or loft conversion, extra storage options, an outdoor eating area, or an extra bedroom, are all going to add instant value. People will be willing to pay extra for amenities like these, as they’re the best renovations for function and convenience. 


Of course, make sure you’ve got a good budget for add-ons like these. Take them one at a time, with extensions coming first and then big renovation projects second, and any outdoor work coming last on the list. 


Carefully Craft a Property Description


Now it’s time to use your words properly. How will you sell your rental in 5000 characters or less? You need to pack power and value into this description, and be able to use it across multiple websites – keep this in mind, as the template may need to change between each one. 


So, what do you need to include? At the very least, brief room descriptions, the extra amenities added, appliances and their type, whether furniture comes with the property or not, and plenty of neighbourhood details, like the distance of supermarkets, schools, and strong commuting routes nearby. 


Attracting the best tenants is a hard process. Do your best to complete the steps above, make sure you screen any applicants carefully, and have hard boundaries in place to help yourself be a good landlord. 

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