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Buying A Investment Property That ‘Needs Work’

Buying A Investment Property That ‘Needs Work’

When it comes to buying a property there are many people who purchased them purely as an investment and go searching for a bargain at the auctions, sometimes you can find a real gem and see the potential in front of you if you know what you are looking for. If your external shell of the home you are buying is solid, and it is just the internal decor that needs changing, then investing and hiring great Home conversion companies will bring you a quick turnaround, and incredible results. The return on investment either via selling it on or renting it out will be a reward that is worth the effort and taking a risk. Here are some things to look out for though when you are considering purchasing a rundown property.


Overall quality

The overall quality of your new property will depend on a few things, are the foundations solid? And are there any serious issues when it comes to subsidence? Electrical fault? Or local problems? As long as you have the quality surveyor on side, you look into everything thoroughly, and you know exactly what you are doing when it comes to buying auction, you should find you have a great investment on your hands. It can also be a very misleading situation when you have pictures or videos of a neglected property, so looking past the surface dirt or problems, should help you make a good decision.


Investment budget

Checking your investment budget before you go ahead and try and purchase any property is a challenge a good idea of course, but you may be able to invest more in update in a property if you go in at a low price. You can essentially add a large budget to a rundown property and turn it into a fantastic investment. And of course it all depends on what you are working with to start with. There are many reports of people who have huge portfolios, that started with a very rundown house and turned it into something profitable. People want to walk into homes and be able to live in them straight away, rather than having to do the work, so if you create this opportunity it should be easy to sell.



The location of your new investment property is a huge consideration, there is little point in improving a rundown property if you are not going to improve the overall price of the property, due to high crime rates or access issues. So once you have found a property that is in a sought after location, and you have plans in place to improve the interior or even exterior of the property, then you should be facing a good profit and a start to a decent portfolio if it is your first investment.


So keeping your eye on the available properties within your budget, and gaining a sound knowledge of decent conversion companies or decorators that can help you, should be a winning combination for your endeavors.

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