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Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Needs

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Needs

Flooring options are varied and the flooring you need is determined by a number of factors, for example, if you’re looking for flooring for your garage, you may want to consider resin garage floors form the likes of Fusion Coatings, yet if you are looking for healthcare flooring, you will need something different. 

Choosing flooring without taking these factors into account can lead you to unsuitable or even dangerous floor coverings that need replacing much sooner than they should. Your location, type of property or premises, and the activities that take place within the area to be re-floored are just some of the aspects to consider. Others include how long you want the flooring to last and how much time you have to care for the flooring you choose. 

All flooring requires some level of care to keep it in prime condition. Regular vacuuming, protection from spills, and from direct sunlight are just some of the considerations for carpeting. Laminate flooring requires much the same care, as well as protection from sharp objects and scraps from furniture as it is moved. 

Hardwood flooring is perfect for heavy footfall areas in properties but needs maintenance and polishing to keep it in top condition. It can also become slippery when exposed to moisture, so it is unsuitable in many commercial settings. Rubber and vinyl flooring options can be ideal for areas that need tough surfaces that are easy to clean and are heat resistant. 

When Do You Need Safety Flooring?

Commercial flooring isn’t difficult to source, however, choosing the right flooring for your commercial property can prove to be less than easy. You want to be able to impress clients and visitors, while at the same time ensuring you reduce the risk of accidents on your premises. Getting the balance right between aesthetics and safety is essential to the future health of your business, as well as the health and wellbeing of individual staff members. Experienced flooring contractors can advise you on all your options, but it also helps if you know when safety flooring should be your flooring of choice. 

Safety flooring is flooring that reduces the risk of slips and falls in your commercial premises. There are different types of safety flooring available depending on the environment that it will be used in. Some are more suited to wet environments than others, but all are hardwearing and slip-resistant. This means that this type of flooring can be used in heavy footfall areas without fear of damage or excessive wear and tear. Businesses that can benefit from this type of flooring include factories and warehouses, where floor space is shared with machinery and vehicles, gyms, shops, and any commercial premises that offer washroom or showering facilities. 

Public buildings can also benefit greatly from this type of flooring in entrance areas, or areas where the floor may become wet. This, ensuring that visitors to public conveniences, council offices, and government buildings remain safe.

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