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How To Make Sure Your Property Is Healthy For Tenants

How To Make Sure Your Property Is Healthy For Tenants

As a landlord, you have a certain duty of care to your tenants; not only is it your responsibility to ensure that the property you are renting to them is fit for purpose and safe because it’s morally the right thing to do, but think of it in financial terms as well. If a tenant finds that their home is making them sick, they will move out (even if that means breaking the lease), and you’ll lose money. Plus, it will make it very hard to re-rent the property, especially if the tenant files a report with the authorities. 

So that you can rent your property out with ease, ensuring that it is a healthy place to be is crucial. Read on to discover some of the ways you can do this.  

Meth Testing 

You’ll never honestly know what goes on behind closed doors with your tenants, and that’s mostly a good thing; a tenant is allowed as much privacy as they want because, despite the fact that you own the house, they live in it – it’s their home. Yet sometimes this does mean that they may have used drugs within the property. 

Having professionals to carry out meth testing within the property is a good idea. If any residue is found, it can be expertly cleaned away, ensuring that the new tenant is not affected in any way. Meth residue left in a property can cause insomnia, skin rashes, nausea, dizziness, and even severe respiratory problems, among other things. 


Damp can be a big problem when it comes to property, and not only does it make the house uncomfortable to live in, but it can produce mould, and that is bad for the health of anyone living in the property. It can even lead to hospitalization, especially if it is found in a bedroom. Plus, it means that redecoration is called for (after the damp problem is addressed), which will cost additional money. 

Before anyone moves in, take a look around and look for signs of damp. These include mould, a tide mark on the wall (about 18 inches from the ground – this indicates rising damp), and wet walls or flooring. If you spot anything amiss, this will need to be fixed before the next tenant moves in. 


Insulation is a crucial component of a healthy home. Insulation should be present in the walls and in the loft roof space. When the insulation is in good condition, it should prevent drafts from coming into the house, and therefore it will make the heating system more efficient. Living in a house full of drafts is not healthy and could exacerbate symptoms of other conditions, particularly arthritis and similar problems. 

As well as the health issues, having poor insulation means that the heating and cooling bills will be higher as the air inside the house escapes more readily through the roof. This leads to higher energy bills which might be too much for some tenants who will have to leave the property to find a less expensive place to live. 


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