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Improving The Value Of Your Home For A Sustainable Future

Improving The Value Of Your Home For A Sustainable Future

What does the value of our home depend on? Who assigns this value? The importance lies in knowing the elements that increase or decrease the real value of our homes, either in order not to overpay when buying or to make the sale or rent profitable if that is our objective. Whether you’re buying or renting, some changes can really make things hugely improved. 

How To Make Changes

Create exterior appeal: Actions as simple as painting the door of the house, retouching the edges, installing flower boxes or taking care of the garden, can help you give a more attractive image, an essential element that increases the value of your home.

Arrangements inside and out: To make the home more attractive, you can make specific repairs such as polishing the walls, a coat of paint or leaving the bedroom or bathroom prepared in a functional way. Don’t overcrowd the spaces and be sure that if you do have things that you want to keep but not necessarily show, then you could look at self storage design.

Keep a record of improvements: It is always advisable to take photos before and after the small repairs that are made to a home, to have a record and be able to quantify the elements that increase the value of the home. People can see how far you have come and the changes that have occurred. 

Know what buyers are looking for: You have to be aware of what are the elements that increase the value of your home and that buyers take into consideration, such as stainless steel appliances. Marble countertops for example can add value and aesthetic. 

Compare appraisal values: To get an idea of ​​the approximate amount at which your home is going to be appraised, you can visit homes near yours and discover the value for which they have been sold. That way you will know what value is appropriate for the appraisal of your home.

Commitment to the environment

20% of future buyers are looking for homes committed to the environment, and make eco friendly changes as both buyers and sellers. Small details such as a more efficient boiler or presence detectors for lighting, as well as the installation of solar panels or the implementation of smart technologies are a boost for sales and are an element that increases the value of the home. We must take into account the different aids for energy improvement offered by the different Autonomous Communities. This is something to make note of when looking to sell your house – what is going to make it stand out? 

Trying to improve the energy efficiency of the home is a concept that little by little is gaining weight and importance and an essential element to increase the value of the home, since it is directly linked to the possibility of reducing consumption. These are three steps that can be taken and will help improve that efficiency:

  • Change the light bulbs for low consumption ones, this will help reduce energy consumption considerably.
  • If you need to change an appliance, make sure you buy efficient appliances.
  • Improve heating and hot water networks.

Improving energy efficiency will help reduce the amount of bills and also contribute to caring for the environment. It’s time to get that house on the market! 

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