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Making A Home More Vehicle-Friendly

Making A Home More Vehicle-Friendly

Many homes have great inviting gardens and brilliant exteriors that give off a smart, sophisticated, and endearing look. They have enhanced curb appeal and they seem like they would stand the test of time regarding price. However, many homes that look great, sacrifice practicality which is something that more and more homeowners want. Function over form, as they say, is making a big comeback. So how can you make a home that isn’t vehicle-friendly, more so?


A garage is the first choice as it can provide your home with a safe and private space to store your car or truck. However, it doubles as a tool shed and private space for anything else. Garages can also be converted into cinema rooms or playrooms. Garages are also outbuildings which can be used to make an extra bedroom too. They are built just like any other building, with a solid foundation, weatherproofing, and materials that keep your property safe from natural disasters. 


This is a very cheap alternative to a garage. It’s a stand-alone roof that is used to protect cars from the weather but also, make it cheap and easy to build. Carports are great for those that live in hotter climates and just need something that will give their car some shade, so it’s not too hot to drive or get into. It will also protect your car from bird droppings and general debris that is carried in the wind. Carports can be many times cheaper than garages and still have the same kind of rainwater protection. Their unique designs allow for proper drainage that can be managed without the need for standing gutters or side pipes.

Curb appeal, literally

If you have a front-drive that is long enough for you to drive on, to get to your driveway, then use the dropped kerb installers at Peterborough Improvements. They have a unique approach to creating a curb that slopes down smoothly and allows for cars to drive over the flattened edge. This can not only give your home more curb appeal in terms of aesthetics, but it’s also far more practical. You don’t have to drive over a big hump in order to get to your driveway. Equally, you can have a dropped curb for your entrance gateway, if you have a gated property. This allows for a more curvy and clean appearance

Slab driveway

Hey, anything is better than nothing and that’s exactly what a good concrete slab driveway offers. It is cheap, rugged, and can look great if you take care of it. It’s something that most homeowners want so they don’t have to park in the street. A slab driveway can last for 10 to 15 years before it needs to be repaired or replaced. Even then, making repairs is very easy and affordable. 

These are just some of the ideas for a more vehicle-friendly home. That’s why we recommend that you do your research and find the best kind of design for your home.

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