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Professionals Every Buy-to-Let Landlord Should Work With

Professionals Every Buy-to-Let Landlord Should Work With

Nowadays, increasing people are seeing the property market as a viable career option or a simple and straightforward means of generating some passive income on the side of their main income. Buying property to let it out to tenants really is a simple way to generate regular funds if you have the money available to get started. However, when you do let a property out to tenants, it’s important to remember that they aren’t just paying for the roof over their heads. They’re paying to live in habitable accommodation. You will find that problems will arise and you’ll need to deal with them to keep your tenants happy and to care for the property that is ultimately yours. It’s not all too surprising, then, that you’re bound to work with various different professionals to keep your property in the best condition possible as time passes by. Here are a few you should have in your phonebook!

A Letting Agent

First and foremost, you should have a letting agent. When tenants are looking for somewhere to live, they will generally go to estate agents to see what properties are on the market in the area they’re interested in. Sure, you’ll have to pay a fee. But this is the easiest way to ensure that your property has tenants in it as much as possible. Estate agents will be able to sell it well and will also take the hard work of conducting viewings, running credit checks on prospective tenants and other necessary tasks off your hands.

A Plumber

You’d be surprised how often plumbing problems can arise in any property. Often, these are small issues, such as a leaking tap, a small leak from the ceiling, or other plumbing issues. But it’s important that your tenants know to contact you as soon as there’s any problem and that you resolve the issues as soon as it is reported. Small problems can be dealt with easily and at a low cost. If left, they can easily become bigger problems, resulting in an inhabitable space for tenants (who could then refuse to pay rent or end their contract early) and more costly repairs or even water damage for you. Use reliable sites like to find the right plumber for the job.


An Electrician

In a similar vein, electrics tend to cause problems every once in a while. This is why it’s important that you have a good electrician at hand as and when you need their services. Again, it’s important that your tenants know to contact you as soon as any issues become apparent. This will help you to resolve issues before they become dangerous or costly to fix. When sourcing an electrician, make sure to choose someone with necessary qualifications and training.



Sometimes, you’ll find that you can make more money letting your property out if you carry out certain renovations that increase its value. For example, you could have a loft conversion carried out to increase the number of rooms your property has. You can then increase the rental cost, as the property will be a viable option for bigger families. Having contractors at hand to carry out renovations like this can make a significant difference to your income! Just make sure to look through their portfolios and read their reviews first.


A Lawyer


Sometimes, you may experience issues with your tenants. There are all sorts of problems that can arise and you may find yourself butting heads with a tenant or in a situation where your tenant leaves without paying their dues. In times like this, you need to have a good quality lawyer at hand. This legal professional will be able to chase up payments and ensure that you are paid what you are owed in a legal and fair manner. They can also help you if there are disputes regarding damage to your property, tenants refusing to leave your property and more. There are all sorts of ins and outs when it comes to letting properties and the law, so it’s best to seek advice from the professionals who really know what they’re talking about in this field!


These are just a few professionals you are likely to need to work with when becoming a buy-to-let landlord. Their services are invaluable. Just make sure to do your research and choose the best of the best!

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