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Tips For Renting Out Commercial Property


If you have already bought some commercial property, you might be looking for a way to make a profit off it, and renting it out to businesses and organizations is one of the most reliable ways to do just that. However, just as the purchasing process is different, so too are the priorities of those who are likely to be renting those properties off of you. As such, here are a few things you need to ensure that you do.


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Make sure that you’re choosing your tenants carefully

As with any residential rental, you need to be aware that you’re getting a reliable tenant in your property. Credit checks, personal background checks, and references can all help with that, but you also need to make sure that you’re able to understand what commercial purposes they have for the property. If there are any uses that might involve industrial or work needs beyond what your property is able to safely provide, then you might end up spending more as a result of their tenancy than you would get. What’s more, it’s not just a personal history check you might want to consider, you may also want to do a small business background check with services like FADV to make sure that you’re letting legit operations into your property. If they don’t pass the smell test, don’t let them in.


Understand your market and ready it for them

You should hopefully already have a good idea of the type of tenant that you’re likely to rent your space out to and what kind of business or organization they run. If you do, then you can make sure that not only are you marketing it to suit their specific goals, but you can outfit the space to their needs to some degree as well. For instance, for education-oriented buildings, you can invest in furniture from teams like Civic Australia. This will not only make the rental process smoother and easier for potential tenants to agree to, but they can be more likely to see the merits of moving into a property if they can already see how it will work when they’re in there.


Ensure that you’re choosing the right insurance

You want to hope that you’re getting tenants that you can rely on and that you’re not going to need to think about your commercial lease too often, but those unexpected circumstances can arise. There are many different types of commercial landlord insurance, as shown at CGIB, able to cover everything from theft, loss of rent, damage caused by machinery breakdown, and much more. Consider the type of business or organization that you are likely to rent out to and get the insurance that covers you against the types of risk that are plausible.


Though the specifics tend to be different, the core of being a commercial landlord is much the same as renting out to residential tenants. If you can anticipate their needs and help them make their rental as smooth as possible, success is easier to find.

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