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3 Tips on Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

3 Tips on Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Most people prefer hardwood floors for the aesthetic value they add to a home. Made of natural elements, these floorings bring a host of benefits wherever installed.


Besides their beautiful nature, hardwood floors are easy to clean, durable, and timeless; as such, they add value to your home. However, with so many options available, the task lies in finding flooring suitable just for you.


Use these tips to aid your search for the best hardwood flooring for your home.


Decide on the Type

While there are only two types of hardwood floors (solid and engineered hardwood), there exist multiple specifications for each.


Before you settle on one particular floor, ask yourself:


  • How many people can this floor accommodate?
  • Is it suitable for children?
  • What’s the cost of maintenance?


The answers you provide often provide insight on the best hardwood flooring for your home. Always remember most of the engineered hardwood comes already pre-finished and, as such, offers no chances of custom refinishing later on.


Look at the Grain Pattern

When you desire your home to look a certain way, you’ll go the extra mile to make sure the smaller details are perfect as their impact on the final outlook is significant. 


For example, matching your grain pattern with the color of your box sash windows can be a good look.


Pick a grain that complements your overall choice of color, one that isn’t too rough or extremely smooth texture-wise for more effortless movement.


Keep in mind that hardwood grain significantly affects movement and influences the last look of your home, and as such, it has to be near perfect.


Consider Durability

Even the best builders will tell you that the right type and quality of flooring lasts a lifetime. 

However, most wooden floors are subject to scratches and dents, especially if you have kids. 


There are a few considerations you must take into account to determine the hardwood durability, including:


Wood species

If you prefer the harder wood resistant to dents and scuffs, go for floors made from oak and maple.


Protective Finish

Choose between the different protective layers depending on whom or what will occupy that space. If you have active children or heavy material, consider the highest form of protective hardwood for safety.


Water Resistance

While most hardwood is rarely water-resistant, the engineered wood contains water-repelling properties. In the case of major accidental spills, cleaning up is often easy and fast.


Pre-finished vs. Un-finished

Based on your taste, you may choose to go with either a pre-finished hardwood floor or an unfinished one. Pre-finished floors often undergo fine-tuning in factories to make them smooth and appealing to the eye.


Un-finished hardwood, on the other hand, is conspicuous and has a more natural look. With this type of flooring, you can always customize.


Hardwood floors come in different shapes, sizes, textures, and color. To successfully choose the best hardwood, you must first look at the type, durability, grain pattern, and finishing before making a final ruling. 

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