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3 Ways To Transform Your Home For The Better

3 Ways To Transform Your Home For The Better

If you dream about having the perfect family home then staying put and reimagining your existing space may be a more cost-efficient and convenient way to have the home that you have always longed for. All of us have spent so much time indoors over the last twelve months owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it makes sense that you are feeling that now is the right time to switch things up at home. Here are three ways you can completely transform your home for the better.


  1. Increase Your Curb Appeal


Often, people are much prouder of the interior of their homes as opposed to the exterior. If you are in this camp, then why not transform your home for the better by enhancing its curb appeal? This can drive up the value of your home and will give both passersby and guests a brilliant first impression of where you live. Whether it’s a new front door or some external shrubbery, new additions to the frontage of your home can make a really big difference. For instance, if you have damaged, old guttering fronting your property, then you may want to consider much more efficient – and more aesthetic – 150mm Guttering for your home instead. Equally, you may choose to add a front gate to your driveway to elevate the level of gravitas around your home. 


  1. Add Value With An Extension


Sometimes, it’s much easier to renovate the house you have rather than moving to get the one that you really want. Adding an extension to the rear of your property could help you to achieve the home you have always dreamed about at less of a cost than moving. Most architecture and building firms will be able to provide you with a free consultation service too, allowing you to envisage what your dream home could look like before committing to the costs. If you’ve longed for a new kitchen, revamped sitting room, or just need additional space for you and your growing family, then an extension could tick every box for you. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and it’s worth viewing other home transformations before getting started. 


  1. Redecorate Your Interior


Often, a lick of paint can give a whole room a brand-new lease of life. If you’ve gotten tired of staring at the same four walls during the lockdown, then this could be the most cost-efficient way for you to transform your home on a budget. Start by considering a wider theme for your home. Do you want to create a rustic look and focus on darker, more wintery colours? Or, alternatively, do you want to create a bright, lively space and bring in more pastel colours and white walls? Start with your key rooms such as the living room or kitchen and expand your new colour theme into other areas of the house, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. A coordinated and newly redecorated interior can completely transform a property, so why not give it a go today?


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