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5 Steps You Might Not Have Known About Flooring: Ways to Prepare

5 Steps You Might Not Have Known About Flooring: Ways to Prepare

5 Steps You Might Not Have Known About Flooring: Ways to Prepare

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The floor is one of the most important aspects of a room. It can make or break your entire home design. When you are thinking about remodeling, it is best to prepare for a new flooring installation by ensuring safety and preparing the space. Here are five steps you might not have known about when installing new floors:

Ensure the Safety of Pets

Pets form a part of many families and are not an exception in family safety. To ensure the security of your pets, you will need to make sure that they stay away from any new flooring or are not allowed in a room with it until after having time for their fur and nails to soften. 

If you have an older pet, try using a rubber bath mat, as it will prevent slipping and provide some cushioning while your pet adjusts to the new flooring. Moreover, the dust from workings on the old flooring and subfloor may equally be harmful to your pets. Therefore, it is imperative to restrict your pets in a safe place before the flooring installation activities commence.

Remove all delicate and valuable equipment

Remove All Valuable and Delicate Equipment

It would help if you took all the delicate and valuable equipment out of the room to avoid damaging expensive items while installing your new flooring. Take care when transporting them, as you don’t want anything breaking on the way to another location. Once they’re in a safe place, cover every inch with plastic wrap so there won’t be any cracks or crevices for dust and debris to infiltrate.

When you’re ready, go ahead and transport the equipment back into that room when your floor is installed and cleaned up. Be sure not to leave any valuables within reach of curious pets who have never seen anything new before! 

Consult a Professional

A professional flooring installer will know what type of installation is appropriate for your specific needs and offer advice accordingly. They also understand the importance of a thorough job, which means they’ll take care when placing every piece so that it fits snugly against its neighbor with no gaps or overlaps. Moreover, they can use grouts to make sustainable finishes.

Clear All the Furniture and Store It Well 

It’s essential to clear all the furniture and store it well before starting any work because many flooring types are hefty, so there may be a risk that they could damage your belongings.

Store your furniture in the garage or even at a large storage facility. The other option is to hire professional removals companies that also provide packing and unpacking services as part of their package.

Close Off Other Rooms

A professional will know how to cover up your walkway without leaving any residue or damage behind. Still, you won’t want that pesky flooring installer tracking contamination into your home. So, close all other rooms and close off hallways apart from the room in question.


The flooring is the first thing you’ll see in any room, so it’s worth investing time and energy to get your new installation right. But, first, ease the process with the above five steps. 


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