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5 Ways to Make a Property More Investable

5 Ways to Make a Property More Investable

The property market is getting harder with changes in the economy and a lack of new homes being built; it pushes up the prices and makes it harder for people to invest. However, a competitive marketplace isn’t always a bad thing; making a few smart alterations to a property can give you an edge over your competitors and make your property more investable.  

Home Renovations 

Home renovations can influence the sale of a property significantly. Some home renovations add immediate value – a new kitchen, for instance, is a massive selling point and holds value over time – while other renovations simply alter the perceptions of a potential property investor.


If you want to make a property more appealing to investors, look for budget-friendly ways to upgrade the home and improve its valuation, but don’t forget to make the property as neutral as possible as well to ensure that new buyers can envision themselves living there in a home.

Kerb Appeal 

If you want buyers to invest in your property, you need to make it appealing; that means that the property needs to have a correct valuation based on the renovations carried out and interior decoration that speaks to someone viewing the property for the first time looking to invest in it. 


The outside of the home – the kerb appeal – is the first and last thing new buyers see when they come to a property, so make sure you leave a strong impression with cjj services. There is a choice to make, integrate kerb appeal with other homes, or make it stand out from all of them. 

Better Sustainability 

Sustainability is no longer an attractive trend; it’s a crucial part of global Net Zero efforts, which is reflected in the valuations of homes with sustainable infrastructure and the demand for more sustainable properties. Sustainable homes also have cheaper energy costs for homeowners. 


Make a property more investable by upgrading the home’s heating system; a biofuel boiler is probably the simplest and most cost-effective solution to the energy crisis and helps homeowners reduce costs. Installing solar panels is also an excellent long-term option.   

Foundation Upgrades 

The construction industry is the third largest contributor to global carbon emissions, with 6 billion tons of greenhouse gases every year. There is huge pressure on the construction industry to decarbonize, so recycling and upgrading materials within the sector is an important practice. 


One of the ways property owners and investors can support Net Zero efforts and future-proof homes is by investing in the foundations and structural elements of the building; this prolongs the life-cycle of the home and makes it more investable, thanks to the sustainability efforts.   

Interior Decoration 

Homeowners can make their property more investable by improving interior decoration. Not only that, they can make it easier to sell thanks to the right choices of interior decoration and styles. The best practice is to decorate the home in neutral colors and use simple furniture so that buyers can imagine themselves living there when they come to view the home and decide.

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