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How To Design A Home With Modern Appeal

How To Design A Home With Modern Appeal

When you’re staging a home to sell, you want to find various ways to improve its aesthetics to maximise attention and interest from buyers. The key is to identify the right style and vibe your home puts across to ensure the property gets plenty of views and bids from potential buyers. One way to achieve this is by designing a home with a modern appeal that speaks to the current buyers. 

Combine Classic and Contemporary 

A modern home can still bear the hallmarks of contemporary style, but this only works well when combined with the right approach. One of the most common solutions that marries the classic with the contemporary is a media wall fireplace, establishing an attractive entertainment setup while also ensuring there is a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for the chillier nights of the year. 

Use Neutral Colours 

Neutral colours can prevent home decor from being too overwhelming, which could impact how potential buyers view the property and envision themselves living there. Repainting walls, especially those in the common areas, with beige or similarly unassuming colours will make personalising the home easier, whether new owners want to paint over or not. You can also use neutral colours for furniture and other everyday household items. However, you shouldn’t rely too much on these as it can make the home look too impersonal, which will also impact how buyers view the property. 

Open Up the Space 

Many homeowners have embraced space and taken open-plan ideas to make the house feel larger and more relaxed. Open-plan styles and low furniture make the home feel bigger and ensure more natural light spreads through the property, which also maximises the space for exceptional modern appeal. You can also arrange your furniture to create more accessible paths through the home, which makes it easier for potential buyers to move around the home. 

Don’t Overcrowd Everything

Similarly, too much clutter is not an ideal design for anyone hoping to establish a home with modern appeal. Seeking multifunctional furniture and other household accessories like cabinets will minimise the amount of clutter while also enhancing the versatility and modern aura of the home. What’s more, potential buyers will struggle to see themselves living in your home if there is too much mess and clutter, so keeping things tidy will make it easier to sell. 

Keep Things Subtle 

Modern home decor is supposed to be subtle with its minimalist qualities, which makes it ideal for stress relief among other benefits. You don’t want your home to be too much of an assault on the senses, so keeping things subtle and not overdoing your design will go a long way toward improving your chances of selling the property. As much as you might want to show off your exotic decor, you also want potential buyers to make it their own when they move in.


A modern home should appeal to the modern buyer. If you’re trying to get your home on the market as quickly as possible, these tips can provide fast and efficient solutions that can transform the property and make it stand out against other options, giving you the best chance of selling your home.

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