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How To Get Your House Back In Shape After The Holiday Season

How To Get Your House Back In Shape After The Holiday Season

Holidays are exciting, but they can also be chaotic, thanks to the build-up of clutter, such as new toys, books, and scattered pieces of gifts around your house. Putting measures in place to restore your home’s beauty after festive seasons like Christmas will absolutely boost your comfort at home. Transition to a fresh season post-holidays by trying these tips to get your property back in shape. 


Re-organize and store your holiday decor

It’s a smart idea to re-organize your indoor and outdoor decorations after the holidays. You may want to gather all your outdoor materials together and store them in your attic or basement for future retrieval. Consider reinstalling your burned-out bulbs and disposing of stuff that no longer works properly. Wrapping your lights around coffee cans is one way to protect them from tangling. You will need to be extra careful with your wreaths to preserve their good shape. These can be stored in storage containers that are specially for such purposes. You may also choose to hang your wreaths in your closet. Additionally, installing high-quality double glazing windows can help you restore the visual appeal of your home.


Dispose of your trees

During the Christmas holidays, homeowners often invest in Christmas trees to beautify their surroundings. That said, these trees can become a burden post-Xmas. Arrange for tree disposal to clear your trash and keep your home well-organized. Trees larger than six to seven feet may have to be cut into pieces before garbage companies will accept to dispose of them for you. If you have artificial trees in your home, understand that the cardboard boxes that came with these trees may not offer them good protection against moisture, pests, and mold. Do you want your holiday tree to last for generations? Then purchase a container that’s built for tree storage.


Thoroughly clean your kitchen

Your kitchen is one central part of your home that makes holiday celebrations flow with food and drinks. The center of your home surely showed you some love during the holidays. Now, it’s time to show back that love by deep-cleaning your kitchen. All your utensils and other appliances may need a thorough cleaning. If you have set yourself some diet and health goals for the year, a neat kitchen can motivate you to realize those dreams. Declutter your kitchen cabinets, and install new equipment to replace all those broken kitchen gadgets that served you well during the holidays.


Essential appliance ventilation maintenance

Maintaining your appliance ventilation systems is an integral component of home care and should never be overlooked. Regular upkeep helps ensure efficient operation while increasing their lifespan and protecting their integrity. Start by inspecting the exhaust hoods and filters above your stove, which may have become covered in grease due to heavy usage during the holiday season. Use degreasing solution to clean these parts, replacing any disposable filters if needed. Brushless motors of both dishwashers and washing machines should also be checked and replaced as necessary. Furthermore, don’t forget to inspect any connecting hoses that might need repairs or replacement; spending a few hours servicing these exhaust systems could reduce mechanical problems occurring within your home.


Clean your floor

Perhaps if you are that kind of person who is welcoming, you surely had a lot of new feet greeting your floor during the busy holidays. Multiple visitors gracing your holiday party is a good thing. However, they would likely track dirt into your home as well. Contact professional janitorial companies to steam-clean your carpets to remove dirt and kill germs. One cost-effective way to prepare a washing solution for your floor is to mix a cup of white vinegar plus one gallon of water — and start mopping.


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