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Hot Property: Tips To Ensure Your Rental Home Gets Snapped Up

Hot Property: Tips To Ensure Your Rental Home Gets Snapped Up

If you own a rental home, it’s natural to want to ensure that you have tenants in place all the time to cover the bills and earn an income. If you’ve recently purchased a home to rent out, or you’re coming towards the end of an agreement, here are some tips to ensure your property is snapped up. 


Marketing plays an influential role in spreading the word and creating a buzz around properties that are available to let. If you’re looking for a new tenant, it’s wise to work with an experienced agency to ensure that your house or apartment is marketed effectively. Lettings managers and agencies will be able to contact people who may be interested in the property as well as using professional images and engaging descriptions to create smart, enticing listings and adverts. 

Ensuring your property is ready to move into

One of the most alluring aspects of renting is the simplicity and convenience of finding a new home and being able to move in with minimal preparation and stress. As an owner, it’s always beneficial to ensure that the property is ready to move into. The house or flat should be clean and tidy and any repairs that were required at the end of the previous contract should be completed. It’s also beneficial to check safety records and make sure that services and utilities are in place. You may need to check the electrics, or if you’re considering upgrading or installing new services, you might wish to contact a reliable, reputable level 2 electrician. If your home isn’t finished, or there are outstanding jobs, a tenant may think twice about signing an agreement. Write a list before the property is added to websites or online portals and work your way through, hiring expert help where required. 

Adding features to appeal to your target tenant

When you purchase an investment property, it’s useful to have an ideal buyer or tenant in mind. From student housing and luxury apartments for young professionals to family homes, you can add features to make the house or flat more appealing to your target tenant. Examples include open-plan kitchens, gardens and roof terraces and versatile living spaces for families and space for working from home for young professionals. 


Staging is often associated with buying properties but it can also make a positive difference when renting your home. If you have prospective tenants visiting the property, you want to showcase it in all its glory and try to persuade them to move in and choose your home over other potential options. Think about the way you present the property, highlight the best features and always make sure that your home is clean, tidy and clutter-free.

Renting is very popular and it offers a host of benefits for people who might not want or be able to buy their own home. If you’re looking for new tenants for your rental property, take these tips on board to ensure that it gets snapped up in no time. 

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