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How To Keep Your Tenants Happy & Returning

How To Keep Your Tenants Happy & Returning

As a landlord or property owner, one job you have is to rent out your homes, apartments, or buildings. You need paying tenants who are reliable and responsible so that you can continue to do your job and be successful.

It’s wise to put some effort and energy into this area of your business and position. If you don’t you’re putting your business and reputation in jeopardy. Know how to keep your tenants happy and returning so that you can continue doing what you love and not have as many headaches and vacant properties to deal with.

Properly Maintain it

If you want to retain happy tenants and for them to return again year after year then keep up with maintenance. If you don’t know how to perform the work or repairs then you must find someone who can. Read up on Compliance in Facilities Management so you know what is expected of you and how to ensure your properties are in proper working order and that you’re following the law and recommendations. It’s beneficial to you and your tenants that you keep the property looking nice and in good shape.

Communicate Often & Be Available

Another way to keep your tenants happy and returning is to communicate clearly and often. Communication is the key to any successful professional or interpersonal relationship and being an experienced or first-time landlord or property owner is no different. Not only respond quickly and with a solution but also be transparent about timing and when they can expect the repair to be made. Keep your phone on you at all times so that your tenants can get in touch with you, especially in the case of an emergency.

Be Reasonable & Personable

You want your tenants to enjoy working with you. Therefore, make it a point to be personable and reasonable in your dealings with them. Keep your tenants happy and returning by setting clear expectations up front and being consistent with your rules and management style. Let them know they can come to you with issues and then respond quickly. Express appreciation for them being good tenants and throw in extra perks once in a while such as not raising rent the following year or bringing in a cleaning crew.

Address Issues Right Away

The last thing you want is your tenants feeling uncomfortable and frustrated with the living situation. Be the best landlord and property manager possible by addressing issues right away. Put yourself in their shoes and remember that you’d want problems to be fixed as quickly as possible too. On the flip side, let your tenants know if there’s a problem you have with them such as late rent payments or unacceptable upkeep of your place. Share a plan for solving the matter or let them know what consequences they may face.


These are some practical and useful tips for how to keep happy tenants and ensure they return. You’ll be much happier as well when you have tenants you can trust and don’t have to worry about replacing them every year. 

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