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Selling Your Home? 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Selling Your Home? 5 Mistakes To Avoid

You may have reasons for selling your house, whether relocation or moving to a bigger property.  However, it is easy to make mistakes when going through the process. Statistics indicate that approximately 31% of house sales fall through before the selling process is completed.  If you plan to sell your house soon, here are some mistakes to avoid.


  • Setting an unreasonable price

Setting the correct asking price is essential whether you’re working with an agency or going it alone. Your desired price and buyers’ interests may differ significantly. Unfortunately,  many people overprice their property, chasing homebuyers away. According to an online poll, overpricing is the most significant error sellers make. To avoid overestimating the value of your home, research to determine what your house is worth based on nearby sales of properties with similar sizes and attributes.

  • Refusing to use a real estate agent 

It’s usually not a good idea to sell your property on your own, especially if this is your first time. A good agent typically prioritises your best interests and will assist you in determining a fair asking price for your house, improving your chances of a rapid sale. Additionally, they have more negotiation experience to get you a higher price than you could on your own. However, you want to work with credible estate agents to ensure a smooth transaction. You can seek recommendations from family and friends or research review sites to get the best agents.  

  • Hiding issues that the house might have

It’s not uncommon for people to hide significant issues with the house. Remember that the buyer’s inspection will reveal any issues and decrease their interest in your property. You can deal with this issue in three ways; fix it in advance, underprice the property to reflect it, or list it at the market value and give the purchaser credit to address the issue. If you want to prevent expensive surprises when the home is under contract, you should get your home inspected before putting it on the market. 

  • Lack of Sale Preparation

Selling properties without cleaning and staging them wastes time, as you may not attract buyers. Moreover, a prospective buyer can question whether the house has other, more expensive, larger concerns that have also not been handled if you have yet to fix simple problems like a broken doorknob or dripping faucet. There are numerous things you may do to fix this. You can engage a cleaning service, ask a friend or a real estate agent to point out your home’s problem spots, or do the cleaning yourself. 

  • Making buyers feel uncomfortable

Even though it causes inconvenience, you must allow someone to inspect your home if they request it. Therefore, the home should be cleaned and organised. Try to accommodate potential buyers to help them feel more comfortable.


It’s important to learn the basics of home selling. Make sure you are psychologically and financially prepared for less-than-ideal circumstances. Particularly in a market that is losing momentum, the house can stay on the market for much longer than you anticipate. You will have a higher chance of closing a deal if you avoid the expensive errors highlighted here.

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